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Fred and John

The Prue brothers (Fred and John) have cued up some great Country Blues snippets from their first and second all original down to earth New England Country Blues Albums. You can hear them by choosing the name of the song below and drilling on the "Listen button" . Then, turn up your computer, relax and catch a good case of the New England Country Blues "Prues Blues !"

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Special Someone
More ... Merlot
We're the U.S.A.
United We Stand
Released by JIPrecords
Nashville TN
1. Special Someone
2. Find out for sure
3. Caught my eye
4. Come on and love me
5. Just want to play
. Two of a kind
7. If dreams came true
8. Hurt by you
9. Take the time
10. The first time we met
11. I wonder
12. Feelings
13. Octopus Song
14. Don't Hesitate

1. Merlot
2. Prues Blues
3. If I only knew
4. You got what it takes
5. Someone you adore
6. Thats the way love goes
7. Time after time
8. Heart Aches
9. I love you
10. Piece of mind
11. Nobody else will do
12. I owe it all to you
13. Old oak tree

1. We're the U.S.A.
2. They're all Angels now

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United We Stand
1. Lady Liberty
2. Remembrance
3. Heroes
4. They're all Angels now
(Recieved Grammy Nomination for Best Song at 45 Grammy Awards)
5. The Proud American
6. Hold My Hand
7. Your Soul Last Forever
8. Through the Eagles Eyes
9. Why
10. We Like Living Free
11. The Star Spangled Banner

(Note, All songs are copyright protected)

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We are presenting a collection of original New England blues songs created by the Northern New England Prue family.
So Let me say ..Blues didn't only come from the South, New England has them too in the songs on the Prue's Blues CD and Cassette. Give the song snippets a listen ....We hope you will enjoy them ...and don't forget to order your very own Prues Blues CD or Cassette of "Special Someone special or More Merlot."